The main aim of all the titles in the series is to prepare students for study in a particular discipline.
All the titles are aimed at Higher Intermediate level/ IELTS 5.0. However, the level will be higher for a subject which requires a higher entry level, e.g., Business. Following this 50-hour course the target students will be doing faculty work, so the exit point must be faculty level and the entry point must be that exit level minus 50 hours of dedicated study. It is assumed that students have learnt basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, but need to hone these skills on discipline–specific texts.
The series is aimed primarily at undergraduate students on foundation or pre-sessional courses, i.e., prior to doing faculty work. However, it may also be used in technical colleges, on in-sessional courses, or by postgraduate students.
The principal aim of each title is to teach students to cope with input texts, i.e., listening and reading, in their particular discipline. Students will also be expected to produce output texts in speech and writing throughout the course. The syllabus is lexically driven but also skills driven.
There are 12 units in each title, each providing between 4 and 6 hours of classroom activity with the possibility of a further 2 – 4 hours on the supplied extra activities. The course is therefore suitable as a core component on a faculty-specific pre-sessional course of between 50 and 80 hours.

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