“This course book presents the technical terms integrated in the language lessons and activities, so students are motivated to follow every word in the book considering that it’s relevant and functional in their everyday use of English.”

Dr Amna Bedri, Head of English, Ahfad University for Women, Sudan.

“an interesting ESP course book aimed at pre- and low intermediate level students. This resource can be used in the ESP classrooms by students, teachers and enthusiastic engineers involved in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries”.

Zevar Sabzalieva, UC SPCE Khorog Snior English Instructor.

English for the Energy Industries is a foundation English course for employees in the petrochemical industry. It is aimed at elementary and low intermediate level students who have a basic grasp of English, but who need to use technical and semi-technical vocabulary with specific functional language applicable to the work place.

Key features:

•    Essential expression and language used in the industry
•    Constant recycling of high-frequency technical terms and vocabulary
•    Real-life listening and reading texts
•    A communicative approach to oral accuracy and fluency
•    Over 140 hours of skills and practice activities
•    A glossary of over 160 key terms


•    Giving basic information 
•    Calculating and measuring
•    Describing equipment
•    Giving instructions and warnings
•    Describing systems
•    Talking about safety
•    Making comparisons
•    Describing processes and procedures
•    Giving advice

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