“The common-core knowledge in this series is similar to my own knowledge-based work, and in my view is the next big step for ELT to take in the 21st century.” 

– leading ELT expert David Crystal 

“Extremely well-planned and constructed and very impressive.”

– Duke of Edinburgh’s ESU English Language Award judges

A four-level, skills-based course designed to prepare students for studies in English at higher education, Skills in English introduces the skills needed to understand talks and lectures in English.

Skills in English is used widely by universities and colleges in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Awarded "Highly Commended" in the Duke of Edinburgh’s English-Speaking Union English Language Award 2004, the Skills in English series was acknowledged by ELT expert David Crystal as an important landmark in ELT course book development. 

Key features:
• skills-based course with integrated vocabulary and themes 
• Complete coverage of all essential vocabulary and study skills for pre-sessional students university preparation
• Exploration through topics of interest to students from many disciplines, ranging from management studies to computer science
•    Test packs for student practice or progress and placement testing
•    Dedicated website provides downloadable student and teacher resources, including grammar and vocabulary games, local version language and culture notes
•    Grammar revision practice for each unit in Combined Edition resource books 

•    Education
•    Daily life
•    Work and business
•    Science and nature
•    The physical world
•    Culture and civilization
•    They made our world
•    Art and literature
•    Sport and leisure
•    Nutrition and health

The nature of the Skills in English course, and the approach taken by Garnet Education, mean that a great deal of customization can be carried out if a particular institution wishes to do so.

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