A course for young adult and adult learners of English at B1-B2 level. According to the publicity material there are 3 levels in the series: pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. (One might wonder what has happened to the upper-intermediate level.) This is a course with emphasis on lexis and language functions. The selection of topics, as well as the visual materials, certainly stimulate the learners and the teacher, e.g. in "Do animals have feelings" we can read about cruel hunting for animals as well as seeing photos of a dog used in testing for burns in a laboratory, or a gorilla's head ready for cooking in a kitchen bowl, the real, uncensored stuff. The authors use authentic sources which have a global ring to them and very often use authentic photographs, distinct from the usual cheap stuff, downloadable from the Internet Photoshop bank. Very good choice of cross-curricular topics such as economics and law and good ideas for the portfolio. Interesting design with a language bank on fold-out cover flaps. Good foundation course for a number of recognised language exams. I just wonder what it sounds like when the students say: I learn from QSE…

New editions for Cambridge ESOL FCE and CAE 2008+ and Trinity GESE and ISE 2010.

QSE provides a rich resource of 4-skills practice, especially speaking, which can be used as topical supplementary material with any other course. Task-based learning activities including a wide range of pair and group exercises, drama, role plays, conversations, interactive tasks and presentations.

QSE is a stand-alone 70-80 hour per level course with a strong functional, grammatical and lexical framework extended by Workbook and photocopiable materials, which include grammar and use of English.

QSE takes a global viewpoint, with authentic reading texts from British, American and other English-speaking World media, from reportage to fiction, plus Extended reading.

QSE is recognised as a valuable preparation for the Trinity College London GESE and ISE examinations and includes extensive examination practice in the format of GESE and Portfolio writing for ISE.

QSE is also compatible with other international ESOL curricula and examinations, including the University of Cambridge ESOL PET, FCE and at Advanced level CAE, IELTS and IGCSE.

QSE exam practice materials are available as Photocopiable resources in Teacher's Guides. The Advanced level Teacher's DVD-ROM offers video, audio and listening exams, plus the complete text of the Teacher's Guide, including all exam tests, as files that are printable from the disk.

QSE provides radical, rapid revision in English language communication skills for teenagers and young adults, based on the Common European Framework of Reference.

Sample Workbook Unit 08
QSE Pre-Intermediate Materials Map
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QSE Pre-Intermediate Teachers Guide 2009 
QSE Intermediate Teachers Guide 2009 
QSE Advanced Teachers Guide 2009


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