The TOEIC® test (Test of English for International Communicationâ„¢) measures proficiency in international Business English, at intermediate and advanced levels. Each year, more than 4.5 million individuals worldwide take the TOEIC® test.

Achieve TOEIC® is a practical guide to the TOEIC® Test. It familiarizes candidates with the test format , giving them the techniques and confidence they need to improve both their TOEIC® skills and overall English ability.

Featuring invaluable test-taking strategies from a TOEIC® expert as well as plenty of authentic test practice, Achieve TOEIC® provides everything candidates need to achieve their best in the test.

Overview and explanation of the contents of the TOEIC® tests
Diagnostic test and 2 mini tests to accurately asses candidates' level
2 full-length tests with authentic TOEIC® answer sheets
Step-by step study plans for short or long courses
Grammar and Vocabulary review sections with thorough explanations, examples and exercises in TOEIC® test format
Bonus speaking and writing practice including strategies, practice questions and sample answers.

Great as part of a TOEIC® preparation course in class or as a self-study guide.

Achieve TOEIC Bridgeâ„¢ is designed for beginning and intermediate level learners who are planning to take the TOEIC Bridgeâ„¢ test. This easy to use guide includes an introduction to the TOEIC Bridgeâ„¢ test, strategies for preparing as well as three mini tests and two full-length tests.

Achieve TOEIC Bridge™ will help assess candidates' skills and highlight areas for improvement. It gives candidates the techniques and confidence they need to take the TOEIC Bridge™ test as well as advance to the next step of preparing for the TOEIC® test.

3 mini tests to highlight areas for improvement
2 full-length tests
Grammar and Vocabulary review sections
Personal scoreboards to track candidates improvement and a conversion chart to easily estimate their TOEIC Bridgeâ„¢ score.

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